Consulting, entertainment, recording, publishing, booking, international development, MANAGEMENT.

The music industry is a rich and rewarding environment, but it can be a difficult path to walk alone and without the proper guidance.  With my 30 years of experience through some of the most challenging yet incredibly innovative years of the industry, I can provide safe passage.

Defend - I will understand you and your project and protect the integrity of both.

Represent – I will support and encourage you, and use my knowledge and vast network of contacts to get you to the right place.

Orientate – I will help you navigate from one step in your journey to the next, and show you how and when to move forward.

Writing Sessions

Writing Sessions or camps as they are also known have been an effective and innovative way of bringing together song writers, producers, performers and musicians to collaborate and produce top selling music.  we set up and co-ordinate writing sessions throughout the year both in the UK, France and the rest of the world, bringing together Top Liners and burgeoning talent - most of whom may have never met before.  The music produced from these collaborations has given many international artists top selling material.  Our brief can be artist specific or non-specific.

Some of Writing Camps we organised :

UK , France and rest of the world in Surrey, England May 2019, July 2018 ,

New creation for Reed Midem , June -Cannes France 2019 ( Powered by Universal Publishing France and for Indies in 2018

French & Dutch writing session camp for “le bureau export”@ Wisseloord Studios - Holland 2018


I am one of the organisers of SHOWME, the first live and digital music forum and a new way to make and distribute music. This was an innovative gathering of solo & duo DIY artists at the Zurich Moods club on 20th and 21st October 2018.  Today, artists need to understand their environment and actively participate in their career development, so we invited a selection of ‘Do It Yourself’ musicians as well as music business professionals, agents, promoters, programmers and managers to join the Show-me community during this event.

SHOWME successfully connected different members of this new DIY scene and offered concrete tools to help them move forward in their music careers. These artists were selected via a competition open from the 1st of April to the 25th May 2018.  For more details click here.

SHOWME : ‘Les Inrockuptibles’



I have an incredible passion for the music industry and extensive knowledge of procedure and practices from my years of experience.  The opportunity to be able to share this is amazing - to be able to inform and influence the music industry collaborators of tomorrow is a treasured privilege.

I currently lecture at the ESG ( L'École Supérieure de Gestion), and the EMIC  (École de Management des Industries Créatives) in Paris.