Midem Songwriting Camp

 Midem takes it at heart to celebrate and support music creativity from all around the globe, which is why we are launching a programme going at the core of musical creation: “Song Writing”!

During 4 days, in the Creative House, Midem in conjunction with Eric Vandepoorter from Alexines Business Solutions will bring together some of the most exciting and innovative songwriters and producers to collaborate and compose new music together.

The teams will switch every day for more creativity and excitement. International superstars will lead the teams to write the next big hit.

We will be there every step of the way, following the creative process and getting a glimpse at the behind the scenes, behind the beat.

The project will start on Sunday, June 3rd, the TOP 10 exclusive tracks will be revealed in dedicated session during Midem on June 7th and a full documentary will be broadcasted after Midem.

2018 First year we develop and create the concept for reed Midem with Various Artists

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